Woodwind & Brass Instrument Repair
I started repairing my own woodwind  instruments when I was about 18 yrs.old because I didn’t have much money and I enjoyed working on my own horns. I found it very rewarding,and I still do.
Then I started buying  used instruments that needed work. I’d repair them and resell them.
I started working in a music store repairing instruments part time,also learning how to service brass instruments. Eventually, I opened my own shop.
 I’m available to do minor adjustments to complete overhauls. I offer free pick-up and delivery,  quick turn around and very reasonable rates. Satisfaction is always guaranteed!  
 Piano Tuning 

I've been tuning pianos for over 40yrs. I still use the old school method of tuning by ear, but I also use a Sanderson Accu-tuner to assist me, that takes all the guesswork out of tuning, it automatically calculates the stretch in each octave. Now a word about concert pitch. Concert pitch was first established internationally in Paris in 1859 where "A" just above middle C was set at 435 Hz. where it remained for 80 yrs. until it was changed in London to 440 Hz. in 1939 where it still is. So if your piano is below this and you want to have it raised to concert that is called a "pitch raise" I charge $150. for this service. If you want to leave it where it is, for whatever reason, and there are many, and tune it where it is, or is at 440 Hz. now, this is called a fine tuning. My price for this service is $99.00 & you can get the next one free by bring me 5 referrals. Just tell the people they can get there piano fine tuned for $99.00 & get there next one free by bringing me 5 referrals. Each referral is worth $20.00 towards the next tuning.