I offer private lessons on piano, saxaphone, flute, clarinet, guitar and bass. Each lesson is an enjoyable and encouraging learning experience. Lesson curriculum is tailored to each student’s skill level, interests and ability.
Books and Materials –  Students will need to initially purchase a  book (unless already using a series) and again as they progress to each new level.  Students are also encouraged to bring songs of their own choice they would like to learn.

I have two student recitals every year,for children up to 18 yr. old. They're a lot of fun,and a great educational experience for the students.



  • Have enthusiasm and energy during the lesson and when your playing your instrument at home.
  • Use patience when learning new skills and ask questions during the lessons to help with understanding.
  • I don't tell my students to practice.I tell them to" play" as much as possible,and have fun.Try to find regular times to play every day.If your a piano student it's a good idea to keep the piano book out and open on the keyboard at home.
  • Choose opportunities to play when you have a lot of energy and good concentration without interferences.


  • Sit nearby the youngest students when there playing there instrument at home to help him/her not feel isolated.